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"Introduction to the ZentangleⓇ Method, creative relaxation through Drawing"

It is with enthusiasm that I share with you my online introductory courses on the ZentangleⓇ method and on the Art of tangling in general. Discover a creative relaxation method through Drawing, which reduces your stress and develops your creativity, the ZentangleⓇ method: Eliminate your limiting beliefs Increase your confidence and inner security Develop your creativity Reduce your level of anxiety Increase your focus


Finally a little room for imperfection... Without realizing it, by tangling, you draw in full consciousness, in the HERE AND NOW... You get rid of the prejudices that we have had since childhood...No one will judge you if your line is more curved or straighter...Your Zentangle® tile forms an abstract work of art, resulting from your own creativity.

This is the magic of Zentangle®...



To go further, learn about the Zentangle Method with my Zentangle Beginner Course Here!


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